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Difference between website and web app

Website is usually informational which has little to no interaction with the visitor/user and is usually made on top of a CMS.

  • Example includes regular news website, blog website etc.
  • Functionalities of website may include signup form and search option.

Web app is more functional. It interacts with the end user/visitor. Usually made from scratch.

  • Examples includes Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc .
  • Have advanced functionalities that a regular website doesn't have 
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Hotel Booking system
Hotel Booking system

$ 700

(Starting at)

  • Hotel pages
  • Advanced search option
  • Different Payment gateways
  • Contact Page
  • About us page
  • Testimonial page
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School management system
School management system

$ 800

(Starting at)

  • Attendence
  • Result
  • Time Table
  • Events
  • Notification
  • Teacher, Student & Parent login
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Custom web application
Custom web application

$ 1000

(Starting at)

  • Different Login Options
  • Custom Page design
  • Messaging
  • Listings
  • Booking
  • Any Feature
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A web application/app is like a website with large number of functionalities. But the question is does a web app help a business?

The answer is yes. Nowadays businesses are getting complicated. And that’s happening because changing market demand and competition. But for the consistent and fast growth of an business the business process needs to as simple as possible. Web app comes handy in this place. Web apps simply makes the business process simpler by  providing support for enhanced customer support, publicity, branding etc.

Now it is not possible for companies track business growth without a proper web app. Businesses use it to get new customers and to let everyone know about the organization and services provided by it. Again web apps play crucial role in branding and maintaining proper communication between businesses and potential clients/customers.

Again good web application help in enhanced customer support. Good web app are the first line of contact between customer and clients. So it is a must that the web app not only functions properly but expresses the brand’s message to the client

We keep all that in mind and focus on creating something that will help scale the business. Again we believe in the power of automation. So we help save the your time by automating a part of your business.

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Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke
Onum has increased our traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
Maria Kloop

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