July 06, 2020
Web design
Beam Me Up Coffee

Beam Me Up Coffee is a UK company that farms and produces premium quality Rwandan coffee with the help of state of the art satellite technology. They developed a mobile app that provides our farmers with an accurate field-specific 7-day weather forecast, and sends automated pest and disease alerts by SMS, based on satellite data. Their technology, progressive farming practices and excellent growing conditions are what give our coffee its intense and invigorating flavour. It really does beam you up!

The Problem

Beam Me Up Coffee wanted to get have an modern website that would showcase uniqueness in their work and how beneficial their work is for the environment which would attract potential collaborators.

The Solution

We effectively used symbols and images to create a responsive website that showcased Beam Me Up Coffee’s uniqueness and the environmental benefits that they make.

The Result

The newly created website enhanced Beam Me Up Coffee’s brand reputation that helped them in establishing a more effective relationship with their existing and potential collaborators.