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“Logos and brand identities have one job: to be memorable. At first sight, it should stick to a spectator’s visual memory. This in turn makes the memorability  of the company stronger, making advertisements more efficient. Logos make a company impactful to someone’s mind. It has got more to do with psychology than art.

There are a few rules we follow when it comes to making logos, or any graphical identity.


  1. Keep it Simple: At OmniDevelo our priority is to make your logo elegant, complex things do not tend to stick to the brain for long periods.
  2. Manifest Symmetry: Either in silhouette or in the colors, we ensure harmony; it is helpful because the brain only has to remember half or some portion of the logo to remember it wholly, when some sort of symmetries are in play.
  3. Portray Meaning: Having a definition or explanation is not essential, but it provides some depth and uplifts the portrayed aspects of the brand.
  4. Make it Unique: This is really important. If the logo does not have a special place in someone’s head, the company won’t either. Having a similar logo to a previously well-known company will trigger a sense of fraud in your customer’s subconscious part of the brain. Your brand will lose it’s originality entirely. It is thus our topmost priority to research and avoid any coincidental similarity with other brands when designing.
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Design Process

1. Our team always starts with the traditional way: pen and paper, or any digital media which gives us the same level of freedom. We scribble as many ideas as possible and while doing so we think about the name and the company, what it signifies at its bare bones.

*Scribble (verb, noun): unconfirmed stretches

2. Among all the scribbles, we pick the perfect one by showing those to other people and seeing which one they pick. If it is preferable we show the logos to you  as well and see which one you pick. More often than not, you pick the one which is best.

3. After that we start working on the logo’s guidelines and begin to bring out its potential. We give it a final vectorized shape, we play around with colors that go together well, while seeing what fits.

4. Figuring out the weaknesses and strengths of the design is key. We think about where the logo can pop out at its most basic form, and where it might struggle. For example a logo and identity might be suited for app icons at its original form but might have difficulty blending in on a business card or event covers. Once we identify the weak areas, we make many versions of the logo that are good in various jobs. This is what all of our complete logos accomplish. We ensure well blended logo and identity system.”

– Sameer Asif (Designer of OmniDevelo’s logo)

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